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The Story of Free Dome Media


Free Dome Media started as a daring thought in the minds of its founder. Supported by more than 20 years of experience, creativity and a strong drive to achieve, Free Dome Media came to reality.


Being the media hub of the Middle East, Dubai was the best option for Free Dome Media to base its main studio.

In the last few years Free Dome Media has created animation series, explainer videos, info-graphics, motion graphics advertisements, documentaries, TV Identities, animated business presentations, short movies and a lot of animation.


Our task is to produce tailor made high quality simple to understand content that serves our clients goals in reaching their target and delivering the message, may it be, promoting a product, spreading awareness or merely enhancing the bond with their target audiance.


The main focus in Free Dome was, will always be ANIMATION, we love to deliver a message, no matter how complicated, by the simple yet effective tool of animation.


As content creators, Free Dome Media developed and fully executed several projects for brands and government entities like: 





Dubai Trade

Dubai Customs

Abu Dhabi Global Market 

Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Est.

Ministry of Economy 

Ministry Of Human Resources & Emiratisation

Dubai Culture


Franck Muller




Zayed University, and many more...

Free Dome Media raised the bar and started its own production in animated TV shows such as: the Syrian cartoon hit series Mawqef Micro, Tarek and The World Cup, Rafah & Karam, Keef Be'der Saadak, Dr. Psycho and several more…


Free Dome Media believes that motivated entertainment is the most effective medium in shaping a nations culture. Therefore, we thrive to produce high quality out of the box unique shows that respect the mind of the viewer and intellectually interact with the reality of societies in general; elevating the existing quality level in the region's media.


T H A T   I S   O U R   C H A L L E N G E ...

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